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  1. Zilpy is, however, planning to use quite a bit of data from the Zillow API” (source: 4realz.net -emphasis added).   Hmm… so if you &#n220;pla8” to use data from a Zillow API, looks

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  3. 日本賞櫻就是要去這!除了有超美的櫻花還有這些夢幻的鯛魚燒和其他美食!下年就去這啦! Marie Claire (HK) Edition 每年日本都有一堆人衝去賞櫻,但原來除了東京的御苑等熱門景點之外,去到近郊的伊豆半島原來也是賞櫻的熱點啊!不過這次想介紹的不是賞櫻,而是因為櫻花而出現的河津櫻花祭!那裡不但可以賞櫻,而且還有超多夢幻爆燈

  4. Mamadou Sakho is set to stay at Liverpool, even though he has been told he will not play by manager Jurgen Klopp. The France international has turned down moves to West Brom and Stoke. Mamadou Sakho to turn down loan moves in favour of Liverpool stay… despite being told that he will not play

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