9 thoughts on “カサ・バトリョ(Casa Batlló )

  1. Hey Tali welcome back! So happy to read from you again.See how everybody miss you you can not leave us blogless from now! :)Hope to read from you really soon swheeetart on the Glossgoss or anywhere else ^^

  2. is quite right of course. There can be no rational reason why Abbott’s wife and daughter have suddenly appeared out of nowhere, other than to contrast his family circumstances with Gillard’s. Memo to Tone and Liberal strategists: you no longer have exclusive ownership of the fair dinkum Aussie family brand. In fact, you haven’t had it for quite some time now.

  3. I read all the blogs I follow via Bloglines and I’d be lost without it. I no longer mention RSS to people, but I DO advise them to use news-readers (or feed-readers – the terminology of all this is so maddening!) to follow news and blogs. RSS makes me think of pages of scary XML code, and too often that’s what people get when they click on an RSS link, which is why I tend to start from the reader end.Hmm, didn’t realise I needed a little rant of that subject until you asked the question! Thanks!

  4. Carlo Martello / Noi mangeremo riso, bere vino e raccogliere la serie. Tra l'altro e il ritorno della serie, stanno gettando sulla serie televisiva tedesca chiamata Flashforward non so se è stato pubblicato in Spagna. La trama è abbastanza buono, è un collettivo "blackout". Sviene tutti al tempo stesso per 1 minuto o giù di lì … le promesse, no? L'hanno messo in Spagna?