12 thoughts on “歌舞伎×Kabuki (2)

  1. “The Liberal Party seem to still hold on to the basics of coearnvstism but seem to think that its better to surrender to Labor than to stand up for their principles and get beaten.”Like the Tories.Do you do letter writing campaigns down there? You might try that on a large scale. If people raise enough hell, legislators listen. Usually.

  2. Bah – a lot of those players would whine no matter what Cryptic did. I think Cryptic is smart enough to know that player made content won’t replace the need for developer created one. In fact, if anything, the Foundry will increase the bar that Cryptic is held to — after all, being the developers, they should be able to make the kind of content that the players CAN NOT make using the Foundry toolset.

  3. Affiliate fees make the the cable companies go round but has little to do with the rest of the media business. As local and national advertising continues to dry up, this will continue to put a crimp on local newspaper, TV and radio operators. As this downward spiral continues, we will see more cheap, non-creative programming (Idol, Reality, etc) come our way….