9 thoughts on “Leaves Blue (1)(1)

  1. It is obvious that one of the goals of the evil occupiers is to do as much damage as possible to the economy. And to DESTROY, DESTROY, DESTROY. And hurt Americans to the max. The occupiers and their wealthy Leftist backers hate and despise us.Police reported that because they had to be pulled out of high crime areas where they are needed to instead police Wall Street, that shootings increased. The occupiers; biianollire, George Soros, and their other wealthy Leftist backers are achieving their goals.

  2. хех, благодарю. с соперниками реально западло пошло какое-то, не знаю связано ли это как-то с моим приобретением волыны)ну что, финал и матч-реванш наш, судя по таблице 😀 )дай коннект свой

  3. Penny please assure Olga da Polga that I am a huge softie. The phrase was created in my mind years ago when faced with a paragraph about pet guinea pigs in story where they were never spoken of again and so they had to go!When I find myself sharpening my axe I know I am coming to the end of the editing process.